School Safety Videos

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Fire safety with Roy | The School Fire Drill

Peter’s class takes care for a lizard named Pin. Charles is afraid of a Lizard but he is in charge of taking care for Pin. And He becomes familiar with Pin. When Charles is gone for a moment, Pin is gone and there is a fire in school. When teacher guides children to out of school, Charles left the classroom and finds it out where he is. Fortunately Roy is on the rescue and saves Charles and Pin. Roy teaches safety rule in case of fire in School.


Police Trainer Don Alwes on Active Shooter Response

Don Alwes—an adjunct instructor for Kentucky's Department of Criminal Justice Training and lead instructor for NTOA's Police Response to Active Shooter and School and Workplace Violence courses—discusses with contributing web editor Doug Wyllie some of the pre-attack behaviors that might indicate an imminent attack, as well as ways in which law enforcement can improve its response when an active shooter event does occur.


School Bus Safety

School bus safety is very important. Here are some tips on how to ride the bus and be as safe as possible.


Safety steps to take during an earthquake

Everyone who attends or works in a school needs to learn What to Do During an Earthquake. Safety training for staff and students should emphasize safe places to "drop, cover, and hold on" during earthquake shaking. Periodic earthquake drills should be held to give students and staff opportunities to practice what they have learned and condition themselves to react spontaneously and safely when the first jolt or shaking is felt.


Fire drills

Fire drill practices for children at home and school.


School Safety Tips in 60 Seconds

Learn ways to keep your children safe before, during and after school with these tips from the Johnston Police Department.


Kids School Safety Tips

Prior to the start of the school year, drive, walk, or ride the route to and from school with your child. Make it a point of emphasis that your child use the same route every day and knows the street names along the route. Ensure your child is accompanied by a friend or sibling when walking or riding a bike to school.


3 simple steps to creating safe schools

This video highlights three simple, yet effective, steps that can be implemented by teachers and staff on campus to do their part in building a positive school climate. This brief video is a resource that can be used in professional development at the start of this school year as well as throughout the year as a reminder of how everyone on campus plays an important role in creating safe schools. Make school safety a priority for your campus this year by building rapport with your students and taking action.


reusing fire hoses for school safety

Salem County Chief Fire Instructor Leroy Pierce demonstrates how a repurposed piece of fire hose can be used to protect students and staff in a classroom.


Secondary Safety Video

What to do in the case of a school shooter.



McGruff gives advice on how to get through bullying situations.


School Safety Drills - Lockdown, Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place

When to stay in the building during a lockdown, when to evacuate during a lockdown, and what kind of plan needs to be in place in the case of evacuation.


Bus Evacuation Training Video

This video will give you the ins and outs of school bus evacuations.



Teaching your child the influence bullying has on someone in school.


A.L.I.C.E. Training

High school A.L.I.C.E. training.


tornado safety at school

Missouri StormAware demonstrates the planning and exercising that go into protecting students in case of a tornado or severe thunderstorm.


Learning Lessons from the School Attack that Didn’t Happen

The Police Foundation (PF) will provide an overview of our COPS and NIJ-funded Averted School Violence (ASV) database. The database is used to collect, analyze, and share information on both averted and completed acts of violence in schools post-Columbine.


Safe Schools Video for Teachers: Bullying Prevention

Presentation by Këri Bolding for the course TED 626: Classroom Management, that reflects the key understandings about bullying and prompts educators to deepen their commitment to proactive prevention in order to create and maintain safe schools.


Abc's of safety

ABC's of safety uses the alphabet to teach the basics of safety to children.


Safety Violent Intruder Training Video

Schools are meant to be safe places for students to learn and grow. Unfortunately, tragedy can strike anywhere. Although we can't control one-hundred percent where it strikes, we can control how we respond.


A.l.i.c.e Training Video

Alert. Lockdown. Inform. Counter. Evacuate.


a.l.i.c.e. training for elementary schools

ALICE Training can be catered to specific age groups to help keep schools safe. This video features an officer training elementary students at Akron City Schools.



This video provides a brief overview of the ALICE Training method. Evacuate and reach a safe distance, then call 911. Active shooter situations often require lockdown. Get tips about effective lockdown solutions from the experts at ALICE Training, then learn the steps to safely evacuate and how to defend against an armed intruder.


police tips on how to survive an active shooter event

Ottawa County Sgt. Chris Koster discusses tips on how to survive an active shooter event.


CSU Active Shooter Training

California State University produced this educational video with suggestions on how to respond in an active shooter situation.